Participating Oyster Farms & Partners

Born out of a long-term friendship and working relationship between marine science researchers Dr. John Supan and Dr. Charles Wilson, Navy Cove provides premiere Gulf Oysters in Fort Morgan. Oysters are characterized by an umami of moderate brine, a rich, creamy, buttery texture and sweet, cucumber-like finish. Oysters can be ordered through Bon Secour Fisheries in Bon Secour and through the retail market at Sassy Bass Market Place. You can find their delicious oysters on the menu at many restaurants along the Gulf Coast, and for good reason!

Anthony Ricciardone, founder of Admiral Shellfish Company, began his entrepreneurial journey as a gardener and evolved into an oyster farmer. Teaming up with Chris Head, he cultivates boutique bivalves in Fort Morgan. A lifelong outdoorsman, Ricciardone started with Auburn University's reef-replenishment project in Mobile Bay, leading to a commercially licensed farm. Admiral Shellfish, among Alabama's few commercial oyster farms, offers a premium alternative to wild-harvested counterparts. Their oysters, enjoyed at high-end restaurants across the Gulf states, reflect unique flavors influenced by the "merroir" – the environmental conditions of cultivation. Ricciardone's commitment to custom-crafted shells results in a clean, briny taste with savory creaminess, attributed to the Gulf's higher salinity.

Established in 1892, Bon Secour Fisheries has been a cornerstone of the Gulf Coast seafood industry, delivering the finest products with a commitment to quality, timeliness, and fair pricing. The company's origins trace back to Frank Nelson, a Danish immigrant, who laid the foundation for the business with a small, family-run oyster operation in the Bon Secour area. Over the years, the Nelson family expanded their offerings, introducing shrimp to their seafood repertoire in the 1920s. Through the dedication of each generation, from Frank to John A. Nelson and eventually John Ray Nelson, the business flourished, reaching markets nationwide by the 1960s. Today, under the leadership of the fourth generation - John Ray's sons, David and Chris - Bon Secour Fisheries remains a leading supplier of fresh and frozen seafood in the Southeastern U.S. With Chris as President and David as Executive Vice President, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to unparalleled customer service, unwavering integrity, and a tradition of innovation, ensuring its continued success grounded in a century-old legacy.

The Stars of the Show

Festival-goers will be able to enjoy oysters, served a variety of ways at the festival. The best part, there’s no limit on how many you can have, so wear your stretchy pants- You’ll need it at this all-you-can-eat oyster extravaganza!

Join the Shucking Fun!

Our "every person's oyster shucking contest" is the "Joe Cain" of oyster shucking competitions. This contest is all of the fun without the intimidation. Our oyster experts will teach you how to properly shuck an oyster, and show you what judges look for in competitions. After you feel comfortable, you can participate in our novice oyster shucking competition to win some cool prizes and swag.  Oyster competitions will be happening throughout the day as slots are filled. 

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